Previous Years
Elected Officials
Position Name Year Financial Disclosure Statements
Mayor Kenney, James (former City Council) 2015 CityMayorState
Nutter, Michael A. (former) 2015 CityMayorState
City Council Bass, Cindy M. 2015 CityState
Blackwell, Jannie L. 2015 CityState
Clarke, Darrell L. 2015 CityState
Domb, Allan 2015 CityState
Goode Jr., W. Wilson (former) 2015 CityState
Green, Derek 2015 CityState
Greenlee, William K. 2015 CityState
Gym, Helen 2015 City
Henon, Robert L. 2015 CityState
Johnson, Kenyatta J. 2015 CityState
Jones, Curtis 2015 CityState
Neilson, Ed (former) 2015 City
O'Brien, Dennis M. (former) 2015
Oh, David H. 2015 CityState
O'Neill, Brian J. 2015 CityState
Parker, Cherelle 2015 CityState
Q.-Sanchez, Maria 2015 CityState
Reynolds Brown, Blondell 2015 CityState
Squilla, Mark F. 2015 CityState
Tasco, Marian B. (former) 2015 CityMayorState
Taubenberger, Alfred 'Al' 2015 CityState
City Commissioners Clark, Anthony 2015 CityState
Deeley, Lisa 2015 State
Schmidt, Al 2015 CityState
Singer, Stephanie (former) 2015 CityState
City Controller Butkovitz, Alan L. 2015 CityState
District Attorney Williams, R Seth 2015 City
Register of Wills Donatucci, Ronald R. 2015 CityState
Sheriff Williams, Jewell 2015 CityState
Appointed Officials and Employees
Position Name Year Financial Disclosure Statements
Deputy Mayor of Public Engagement Ahmad, Nina 2015 MayorState
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Atkinson, Nolan 2015 MayorState
Managing Director DiBerardinis, Michael 2015 CityMayorState
Finance Director Dubow, Rob 2015 CityMayorState
Deputy Mayor for Policy & Legislation Engler, James 2015 MayorState
Commerce Director Epps, Harold 2015 CityMayorState
Director of Planning and Development Fadullon, Anne 2015 CityMayorState
Chief Education Officer Hackney, Otis 2015 MayorState
City Representative Hess, Sheila 2015 CityMayorState
Communications Director Hitt, Lauren 2015 State
Chief Integrity Officer Kaplan, Ellen 2015 MayorState
Inspector General Kurland, Amy 2015 MayorState
Deputy Mayor of Labor Relations Lazer, Rich 2015 MayorState
Deputy Mayor for Intergovernmental Affairs Mahler, Deborah 2015 MayorState
Chief Administrative Officer Rhynhart, Rebecca 2015 MayorState
Chief of Staff, Mayor Slusser, Jane 2015 CityMayorState
City Solicitor Tulante, Sozi 2015 CityMayorState